MathsJam Letter Puzzle

Every attendee will be issued a puzzle to solve that will give them one of the letters of the word ‘MathsJam.’ Attendees can swap/share puzzles with other attendees in order to collect all the letters of MathsJam.


We’ll take an hour to stretch the legs with a walk in nearby Talbot forest on Saturday afternoon. For those who like puzzles, there are plenty of optional geocaching challenges available — make sure to download the app before you come!

Talbot Forest of Geraldine is also home to the long-tailed bat, one of NZ’s only native mammals.

Social Dinner

On Saturday evening, we’ll be going out for a social dinner, dining at the Village Inn Geraldine. Check out their menu in advance here.

If you wish to attend the dinner, please mark this on your registration form so we can book numbers ahead of time. Plus ones are welcome. Please note, the cost of this dinner is not included in your registration fee.

8 Out of 10 Sheep Can't Count Down.

A maths game show with prizes! Exercise your maths skills and knowledge in a fun contest.

MathsJam Jam

Join in for a singalong of your favourite songs, but with mathematical lyrics! Attendees are invited to write and submit their own mathematical lyrics to their favourite tunes if they’re up to it. For any questions email . If you play, musical instruments are also welcome to participate.

Check out the 2021 songbook [pdf]

The South

An A4 selection of puzzle challenges, models, and mathematical snippets for your enjoyment and discussion. Familiar to all MathsJam addicts as “The Shout”.

MathsJam tasting

Geraldine is known for its “world famous in NZ” Barker’s Jams and Preserves. We’ll sandwich in a visit to the Barker’s eatery and store on Sunday afternoon to make the most out of our Geraldine visit. Best maths/jam puns will be rewarded. You’ll have the opportunity to try (and to buy) some of their products, or order lunch at the cafe before we head off home. We are lucky to announce that Barker’s of Geraldine is one of the sponsors of our event and they will also be providing a selection of their jams and sauces as spot prizes over the course of the weekend.