Keynote Talk: Michael Linton

The keynote talk for OMG will be from 7:30-8:30pm on the evening of Saturday 31st July, in our main venue, 1066 Medieval Mosaic Building at 10 Wilson Street, Geraldine. This event is open to the public for koha at the door. [Eventfinda] [poster]

We are lucky to announce invited guest Michael Linton as our keynote speaker. With the help of his son Steven, Michael has produced 2 puzzle books and has a big interest in all aspects of number theory. He is best known for his world record holding giant jersey, and for his incredible re-creation (and extension) of the 1066 Bayeux Tapestry in mosaic form, using ~3 million pieces of spring steel. As our venue is Michael’s former shop, we will have an opportunity to admire this over the course of the weekend, and contemplate some of the alphametic puzzles he has hidden within it.

Check out Michael's website:

What is Open Mic Maths?

Open Mic Maths is essentially the “Hello, my name is…” sticker. It’s a lightning, 5 minute, informal talk about anything maths related. It outlines an idea or insight you’d like to have a deeper discussion about, a funny (maths) thing you noticed, or a particularly juicy maths problem to be explored. Anything goes, from maths-of-juggling demonstrations, to statistics presentations, (or maybe both at the same time), but you’ve only got five minutes!

For inspiration for your talk, have a look at some of the presentations from prevous years.

AV Setup

There will be a wall-mounted TV which can connect to a laptop via HDMI if you wish to show any on-screen information during your talk. If you wish to present an image or powerpoint presentation, you may also bring this on a USB flash drive. We will have a whiteboard and pens available should you need to write or draw anything during your talk.

WiFi may be limited so if your talk involves showing an online video please download this to your device prior to arrival.

Get in touch if you have any questions about audiovisual information or your presentation:

What is Breakout?

Breakout is the next step after the Open Mic Maths. The “meet and greet.” You’ve introduced your topic, now you get to discuss with other interested attendees / workshop / further develop the idea.